Team work

Our team is our greatest asset of all. We co-operate like mechanism of a Swiss watch, everybody knows their responsibilities and treats them with the greatest respect to oneself as well as to the other members of the team. We take care of our team members, everybody assists each other if necessary. We improve our competency as well as the competency of our team members by performing training and creating work experience. Each member of our team considers their responsibility to improve and develop both professionally and intellectually. Every member of our team has the chance to speak up, it is like a responsibility; to enounce ideas which according to them would improve team work and will promote more rapid growth of the whole company. For good results there are always celebrations, in case of failures we collectively look for new solutions.

A positive "Can Do" attitude

We do not look for excuses and do not say that we cannot do something. Instead we always look to the things positively and search for solutions to be used in our work and to be suggested to our clients. We always ask ourselves the question: “How we can do it?” We maintain this positive attitude both at work and at home. We always take a personal responsibility for the trusted tasks. We are able to discuss about aims, strategies, tasks, but from the moment the decision has been taken there are no place for any discussions or doubts. At this point everybody should follow a strict work discipline in order to fulfill the confided. We always perceive all the new things with a positive attitude since we clearly understand that positive changes will undoubtedly lead to a positive development of our company.

Client Orientation

Every team member of “Primum” is oriented to do his or her job for the sake of the client. We do our best to become the Nr 1 client’s choice. Our clients are those who give us work, safeguard us and our families, our children and that is why we treat our clients with the greatest respect because we want them to be appreciated and completely satisfied with their co – operation with us. We look for solutions which make the added value and solve our client’s problems. We always keep promises to our clients.


We always strive for perfection and look for innovative ways of how to make our work more effective, more interesting and how to offer even better and more innovative services. Innovation lies in the modern technology, computer programmes that can do the work instead of us. Innovations are present also in personal work by looking for ways of how to make work more interesting, exciting, more challenging and qualitative. Innovations are also present in the systems that allow us to become more effective, to systemize our work and to be able to control it more easily.

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